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Hang Monkey



Hang Monkey is the best Hang Man game on the net with... a MONKEY!


So what could be better than Hang Man?  Hang man with a monkey of course!


Click Here to Play



Hang Monkey saves your score so, come back and see if you can break your records!





System Requirements:

This game uses JavaScript.  Most internet browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer can handle JavaScript.

Cookies: You need to enable cookies in your internet browser if you want to save your score.  You can enable cookies in the Privacy Options of your internet browser.

Pop Up Windows: This game uses some pop up windows.  If pop ups are disabled, you will miss some functionality.  Make sure to enable pop up windows so you can get your surprise!

Speed: You can make Hang Monkey run a lot faster if you allow images to cache.  In Internet Explorer, go to tools -> Internet Options.  Under the General Tab there is a Temporary Internet Files box.  Click Settings.  Choose check for newer versions of stored pages every time you start internet explorer.