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1.  The bird of The United States

5.  A pink lawn bird

7.  Appointed by the pope

11. A Native American Indian tribe and a black bird

16.  Extinct flightless pigeon

17.  It spreads its wings to dry

18.  Matthew 10:29 –Are not two _______s sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.”

21.  This bird swallows prey whole and coughs up pellets

23.  The state bird of Maryland

24.  Delivers babies

25.  The only diurnal bird of prey that feeds exclusively on live fish

26.  A bird’s seasonal travel

27.  A group of birds

28.  Synonym for fool

30.  To sell cheap wares

34.  Go fly a ____.

36.  Its wings can beat over 100 times per second

37.  The state bird of Maine

38.  36 Across can extend its tongue past its bill to eat this

2.  A small bird in the same family as the puffin

3.  Herons which have long plumes during breeding season

4.  A common house pet

5.  This bird is named after a war ship

6.  The study of birds

8.  A prank

9.  Has a large brightly colored bill

10.  Running African snake catcher

12.  Prefix to 32 Down

13.  A machine used to build sky-scrapers

14.  This diver’s bones are solid

15.  This bird can talk

19.  Its bill can hold more than its stomach

20.  Feathers

21.  The largest living bird

22.  Tropical bird with long plumes

25.  This bird can turn its head almost 360 degrees.

28.  Represents peace

29.  Nocturnal hunter

31.  A Small brownish songbird with an erect tail

32.  A wood _____ does not eat wood.

33.  Red breast

35.  Crouch